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Comprehensive Pain Medicine
Under the direction of Dr. Sanford M. Silverman, MD, our comprehensive pain management techniques provide relief from most forms of chronic intractable pain from migraine headaches to severe back pain, from cancer to spinal stenosis, our goal is to alleviate or ease your suffering and to teach you how to manage it so you can return to a normal, productive life as soon and as much as possible. Although some patients seek our services for short-term or acute pain, usually caused by an injury or surgery, most of our patients suffer from intractable chronic pain, which does not always have an easily identifiable cause.

We also specialize in modern pain syndrome treatment and techniques such as PRP Therapy, Botox, Acupuncture and other cutting edge techniques.

NEWS in Pain Medicine

DR. SILVERMAN - IN THE NEWS. As a nationally renowned pain physician, Doctor Silverman lectures and presents at a number of pain management conferences around the world Click for Dr. Silverman Pain NEWS

Dr. Silverman has published a new book entitled "Controlled Substance Management in Chronic Pain: A Balanced Approach" concerning the hotly debated topic of the use of opioids in modern pain medicine.
Opioid Pain Management Book

Dr. Silverman is on the educational committee for the Worker's Compensation Educational Conference. www.wci360.com

Dr. Silverman on TV News:- Patients with legitimate doctor prescriptions for pain medicine are now routinely turned away at pharmacies! WATCH THE VIDEO!!

Nov. 7, 2015 - Dr. Silverman spoke at the New York / NJ Society of Interventional Pain Physicians annual meeting in Jersey City, NJ on pain medication 'Abuse Deterrent Technologies'.

Dr. Silverman spoke at the American Society of Regional Anesthesia in Miami, Florida on November 19, 2015

Opioid Addiction Services
Our office-based treatment for opioid addiction provides a cost-effective, safe, convenient and comprehensive approach, utilizing medically supervised withdrawal with addiction counseling. The cycle of pain and addiction is then broken, restoring the quality of life that you once had and deserve.

What to Expect at Comprehensive Pain Medicine
Patients who suffer from chronic pain and opioid addiction must be treated in a comprehensive manner. During your first visit, a board-certified pain and addiction specialist will perform a thorough assessment and your treatment will be individualized.

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