Deerfield Beach's Favorite Pain Doctor

CP Medicine in Deerfield BeachDid you know over 75,000 people make Deerfield Beach, Florida their home? From playing beach volleyball near Deerfield Pier, to golfing at Deer Creek to waterskiing at Quiet Waters Park., Deerfield Beach offers so many activities for the physically fit...and not so fit. Unfortunately for many, the active lifestyle can lead to PAINFUL INJURIES!

You can fall prey to short-term painful sports injuries such as tennis elbow; or you can suffer chronic pain and debilitating injuries from hip pain to lower back pain. But where do you turn when you need a highly regarded pain doctor or pain management consultant?

The Gold Standard in Pain Management

Where do residents of Deerfield turn when they are in pain? To Dr. Sanford Silverman in nearby Pompano Beach a Diplomate on the American Board of Pain Medicine and a Diplomate on the American Board of Addication Medicine, among other distinctions, routinely publishes pain management articles in highly regarded medical journals. He is an expert on pain management techniques and opioid addiction and has top medical reviews from his patients in and around Deerfield Beach.

A Pain Doctor Who Really Cares

Dr Silverman is available for consultations regarding simple to complex pain syndromes. So if YOU or a loved one in the Deerfield area is in pain and needs a caring doctor who will listen and with the latest advanced techniques, contact Dr. Silverman for a consultation by emailling him at