Intravenous Ketamine Treatment

Intravenous Ketamine Treatment for Chronic Pain

A number of reports in the literature have suggested that ketamine is a treatment for painful disorders, addiction, and depression. Ketamine has been shown to improve pain from conditions such as:

Ketamine treatment can be useful for other difficult syndromes where pain has become intractable, such as:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Central Pain from Stroke

Ketamine is not FDA approved. However, it has become widely utilized because of the ease of administration and relatively low risk. Ketamine can be administered in an office setting with appropriate monitoring. More and more patients are getting beneficial effects of IV ketamine, and relying less on narcotic pain medications.

If you have CRPS or any other intractable pain syndrome, and your current pain management is not working, you may be a candidate for this therapy.