Neck Pain

Neck pain is treated by Pompano Beach Dr. Silverman

The 3 Main Forms of Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by many things, including stress, worry, sleeping in an awkward position, strain, sports injury, vehicle accidents ( whiplash for example ) or other accidents. However, neck pain causes usually fall under one of three physical problems: Muscle strain, cervical spine degeneration or herniated discs.

1. Muscle strain may be caused by repetitive stress on the job, especially if you stay in one position for long periods. Physical laborers, taxi drivers and athletes often strain their necks in this way. Doctors usually recommend rest for muscle neck strain, which can worsen over time. You should also put ice on your injury for 20 minutes every four hours. This minimizes the inflammation. Heat can help heal neck pain once the swelling has gone down.

2. Your cervical spine pain may also be caused by disc degeneration. This usually occurs after the age of 40. The cartilage between the vertebrae or discs starts to wear down. Some disc degeneration is actually caused by osteoarthritis. Symptoms for this type of neck pain may include shoulder pain, numbness in the arms and a lack of mobility in the neck and extremities. Ibuprofen or arthritis medications are usually recommended for osteoarthritis. However, doctors may also prescribe other stronger medications or certain exercises to help build up strength in the shoulder and neck muscles.

3. A herniated disc occurs when the outer shell of the disc cracks and displaces the jelly-like fluid inside. This type of neck pain causes pressure on cervical spinal nerves. This can cause numbness or a shooting pain down your arms to your finger tips. Obviously herniated discs can cause back pain as well.

Pain management physician Dr. Silverman of Silver Lining Medical Consultants ( and formerly of Comprehensive Pain Medicine in Pompano Beach ) is available to consult regarding pain stemming from neck ailments as well as medical expert witness services on neck pain.