Dr. Silverman Co-Authors Medical Textbook

Dr Sanford Silverman

Dr. Silverman Co-Authors Medical Textbook
Dr. Silverman, founder and lead physician of Comprehensive Pain Management in Pompano Beach, Florida has published a timely new medical guide book ( along with his co-author Dr. Peter Staats ) entitled "Controlled Substance Management in Chronic Pain: A Balanced Approach" http://theopioidepidemic.com concerning the hotly debated topic of the use of opioids in modern pain medicine.

Authored by leaders in pain medicine, this pervasive guide to opioids covers the prescription of controlled substances to patients with chronic pain or acute pain and offers a balanced dialogue on proper pain treatments, opioid addiction, safety considerations and complications.

Chapters in the new book feature “evidence-based strategies and clinical modalities that address diagnostic challenges, treatment guidance, alternative to opioid management and the significant legal risks within the current regulatory environment.”

*Controlled Substance Management in Chronic Pain *offers physician and health care professionals an indispensable resource and guide on dealing with opioids in their practices or work environments. The book is available on Amazon.com in hardcover or e book format https://www.amazon.com/Controlled-Substance-Management-Chronic-Pain/dp/3319309625?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0"