PRP Therapy vs. Stem Cell Therapy

PRP therapy vs Stem Cells Pompano Beach

Stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma (PHP) are constantly being examined for more clues about how they're able to boost regenerative processes in chronic pain treatment and sports medicine. In most areas, insurance companies may not at this time cover non-surgical treatments such as these until more is known about their long-term efficacy.

That said, a growing body of medical professionals like Dr. Silverman are offering these groundbreaking and rehabilitating treatments to a wide range of patients including those suffering from chronic pain, knee, foot, ankle, and shoulder injuries.

In many cases, stem cell treatments and PRP injections are grouped together in people's minds, but there are differences between the two. In the case of PRP injection therapy, Dr. Silverman uses the patient's own blood which has been divided into separate parts - including platelet rich plasma - in a centrifuge. These platelets are injected into the area of concern, releasing special growth factors that greatly enhance natural tissue healing processes.

Stem cell therapy involves a much different process which involves extracting rejuvenated cells, in this case, stem cells originating from either the fat tissues or bone marrow are used together with platelets. Bone marrow stem cells, also known as autologous mesenchymal, greatly assist cartilage production and are commonly used to treat sports injuries and arthritis conditions.

Stem cells gained from fat tissue are used to in conjunction with platelets to regrow cartilage and in this way heal osteoarthritic joints.

The results from PRP interventions have been nothing less than remarkable, and this includes stem cell therapy as well. Conditions that are in many cases resolved with these treatments include:

* Osteoarthritis

* Tendonitis

* Rotator cuff tears

* Arthritic joints

* Inflammation from herniated discs

* Overuse injuries

Comprehensive Pain Management in Pompano Beach, Florida is pleased to offer PRP injection therapy and stem cell treatment as available pain treatment options. Individuals with symptoms of chronic pain should waste no time in speaking with our outstanding medical team about this cutting edge treatment option which could improve their condition. Our staff is happy to answer your questions at (954) 545-0106. Located just off I-95, Comprehensive Pain Management is conveniently located a short distance from Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach, Parkland, Coconut Creek, Boca Raton, and the rest of South Florida so we can treat the largest number of patients with our leading edge PRP therapy and stem cell therapy procedures.

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