Lighthouse Point Pain Management

Under the direction of renowned pain management specialist Dr. Sanford M. Silverman, CP Medicine offers Lighthouse Point residents comprehensive pain management consulting, pain syndrome consulting and opioid addiction consulting. Call us at (954) 545-0106 to learn more or arrange an appointment.

Our pain management practice includes consultations regarding advanced techniques to bring pain relief from chronic intractable pain: from severe back and neck pain to sports injuries, from cancer pain to sciatica, from migraine headaches to spinal stenosis, our goal is to ease your suffering and provide ongoing relief, including teaching you how to manage your own pain so you can return to normal and start enjoying the Lighthouse Point lifestyle again. We advise regarding both short term or ‘acute’ pain as well as chronic.

Chronic pain affects many citizens in Lighthouse Point and the treatment of chronic pain throughout the US costs approximately 120-$150 billion annually. Unfortunately some people become addicted to pain pills and hence develop an ‘opioid addiction’. At Comprehensive Pain Medicine, we treat your chronic pain and treat opioid addiction. We not only help opioid addicted patients, but patients who present with hyperalgesia.

Start enjoying the ‘Lighthouse Point lifestyle’ again. There is so much to do - from taking a boat ride to ‘Cap’s Place’ for dinner to playing tennis at the tennis center, to going out fishing on the ‘Helen S’ charter boat. CP Medicine will help you ease your pain so you can enjoy life again. Call us at (954) 545-0106 and one of our friendly staff will assist you.